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Find out more in below sections about how it works.

What is a PTC Site?

A PTC (Paid-To-Click) site is a website that pays you to view websites links available on their pages (mostly in Surf Ads or Earning Area sections).

You just need to create a free account over these PTC sites & then you will get paid for all your surfing (every click). Also you will get paid for all your referrals coming to that site, creating accounts & surfing links.

How will you get paid ?

Well, I think that it is the most important question :) But the answer is very simple.

All these sites support AlertPay  and Paypal for online payments which is a globally recognized, very popular & reliable site  for online sending/receiving of payments & providing cash/cheque delivery at your doorstep. You just need to create an account at AlertPay  or Paypal & then you can enter that account/email id in your profile at PTC sites (where you click on the links) so that they could pay you through AlertPay and Paypal.

I have also placed AlertPay link on this page to help you get the most out of all this.

I will recommend all of you to first create your AlertPay account because every PTC site will be asking you about your AlertPay  or Paypal ID to pay you of your browsing.

For this reason, I have placed AlertPay and Paypal link at the top of PTC sites links to help you following the actual process.


Tips of earning money from PTC sites

1. Select 8 to 10 sites from below given list that you can visit every day. These all sites have a consistent amount of ads every day and have a good history of paying on time. 

2. Refer everyone you know. You can send direct links for friends & family or create a site like where they can sign up for the sites they like all in one place. Don't expect everyone to sign up right away but some may sign up later when they see your success.

3. Keep clicking! After your referral list gets big enough, you may feel you don't need to click anymore as your referrals are doing all the work.

4. Never give up! It takes time to develop a strong referral list and sticking to it every day is the only way to achieve it.

So what are you waiting for guys :) just rush to AlertPay/Paypal, create your free account & then select PTC sites from below mentioned list & start making money right now!

Good Luck & Happy Earning :)




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News and Announcements

 December 06 2010 2:29pm



The greenchexx is launching its cause program" donations" for those who want to help by donating any amount through paypal link processor as the payment gateway.The program will be for a cause and proceeds will be given to the less fortunate in the philippines western visayas by giving an aid to those children who are in need.

The program is an optional and it doesn't force anybody to give.In generosity, this is in connection with the anniversary countdown of greenchexx next year and we want to help the children as an early christmas for them as one of our cause.

 Please help feed the less fortunate and let us help for this wonderful cause.Any amount will do and let us help them

email us for further information: