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How Do Paid To Click Sites Pay?

Posted by administrator on December 4, 2010 at 12:58 AM

Neobux and Onbux are examples of paid to click programs.They are considered as advertising companies that pays you when you visited the advertisement of their advertisers.Each click will pay you at around $0.01 to 0.5 in dollar currency.Meaning to say,it depends on how many ads will you click or how many ads was given to you.Referrals lets you add and lets you earn also in both direct and rented referrals.Direct referrals are referrals made by you with your assign referral link.If your friends click your referral link and they successfully registered under your link,you will have his referrals fee automatically.

Rented referrals are taken by the system if you will rent them for you to have percentage every your rented referrals clicks.The difference is it is you who will pay to rent a referral.

Paypal or Alertpay serves as payment processors.From paid to click sites transferring your ptc amount earnings to paypal or alertpay account, then to your credit card or visa debit card.If you dont have a visa debit card you can have this as to follow when you are ready and have enough money to withdraw as set by these payment processors.

For the meantime,you have to click your advertisements.

Our risk management recommends neobux and onbux and mycubie as top paid to click sites nowadays.Neobux is number 1 in all ptc and pays without barriers.Onbux also is reaching its arm as competitor.

Remember,that these paid to click sites are geniuses in their own way.They are tracking IP address to avoid cheating and to protect its advertisers.You are allowed to use one computer over one account.Meaning,you cannot create more than one account in one computer.For example,you have created an account with neobux,your unique IP address has taken by neobux so creating another neobux account for your brothers, sisters and friends in same computer is not allowed.If you do so,you cannot click your advertisements but a note will appear above telling you that someone has already viewed the ads for the last 24 hours.

In that case,you are down, and by attempting it will possibly terminate your account.

So,be a good person,obey the rules.

Dont be greedy.Patience is a virtue.  :)

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