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How Do Paid To Click Sites Pay?

Posted by administrator on December 4, 2010 at 12:58 AM

Neobux and Onbux are examples of paid to click programs.They are considered as advertising companies that pays you when you visited the advertisement of their advertisers.Each click will pay you at around $0.01 to 0.5 in dollar currency.Meaning to say,it depends on how many ads will you click or how many ads was given to you.Referrals lets you add and lets you earn also in both direct and rented referrals.Direct referrals are referrals made by you with your assign referral link.If your friends click your referral link and they successfully registered under your link,you will have his referrals fee automatically.

Rented referrals are taken by the system if you will rent them for you to have percentage every your rented referrals clicks.The difference is it is you who will pay to rent a referral.

Paypal or Alertpay serves as payment processors.From paid to click sites transferring your ptc amount earnings to paypal or alertpay account, then to your credit card or visa debit card.If you dont have a visa debit card you can have this as to follow when you are ready and have enough money to withdraw as set by these payment processors.

For the meantime,you have to click your advertisements.

Our risk management recommends neobux and onbux and mycubie as top paid to click sites nowadays.Neobux is number 1 in all ptc and pays without barriers.Onbux also is reaching its arm as competitor.

Remember,that these paid to click sites are geniuses in their own way.They are tracking IP address to avoid cheating and to protect its advertisers.You are allowed to use one computer over one account.Meaning,you cannot create more than one account in one computer.For example,you have created an account with neobux,your unique IP address has taken by neobux so creating another neobux account for your brothers, sisters and friends in same computer is not allowed.If you do so,you cannot click your advertisements but a note will appear above telling you that someone has already viewed the ads for the last 24 hours.

In that case,you are down, and by attempting it will possibly terminate your account.

So,be a good person,obey the rules.

Dont be greedy.Patience is a virtue.  :)

The Top Ten Illegal Sites and Email Scams

Posted by administrator on November 26, 2010 at 10:53 PM Comments comments (0)

The Risk Management has come these top ten illegal sites and scam over the internet.We gather sources from different organisations, and sites from  groups, bloggers and feedbacks to come out these illegal sites and scams.We are pretty sure that you were encountered already these kind of scams in your internet way of living.


                    Nigerian scam or also known as 419. Most of you maybe had received this email claiming to be from a wealthy family or individual and it showed a desperate cry for a help for getting a very very large amount of money out of his or her country and it is you will be sending or giving those money. A common case like a woman from Africa claiming that her husband had died and so she wanted to leaved you money and it takes millions of dollars as her fortune.

In this case the scammer will promising you this large sum of money just by doing simple task or unskilled tasks.

They will probably use your emotions and willingness to help but in the reality against you.They will promise you a large cut of their business fortune.What they will ask you to do?they will ask you to pay some legal fees and endless fees to you just to believe you for the sake of the releasing of such millions  of money.

The more you are willing to pay and the more they going to suck your wallet.You will never see the money that they promise because there is not any.

To add the scam is not really new because this is related to a the "Spanish Family" scam back in 1920's

Earning Dollar$ thru Neobux

Posted by administrator on November 24, 2010 at 1:17 AM Comments comments (3)

Consults and Results Innovative Management for PAID TO CLICK SITES:)

Neobux is the most trusted site in the planet.We are sure that whoever had the passion for this kind of job or we must just say a freelance job,is giving a 5 star rate for this.We are the avid clicker of this neobux and after upgrading to golden membership for almost a year and investing a money, one thing for sure is they really pay.

You can earn by clicking advertisements to your account but it really needs patience.You must have this attitude in achieving a possitive earnings.

note: You must have a paypal account or alertpay to join neobux.Please refer to blog section of this site and click the banner of paypal or alertpay under "Online Payment Processors. :)

To get started click the banner below:

Online Payment Processors

Posted by administrator on November 24, 2010 at 12:24 AM Comments comments (0)

Before you are going to join any online programs here in site,we encouraged you to apply to any payment processors you think that its conveneient for you.

But what are these payment processors?

                            Okay,payment processors are payment gateway for you to get paid by online.These are the substitute for your atm withdrawals in case you still dont have any bank accounts that many online programs needs wire transfer, and bank to bank transactions.

Let us say,you currently decide to join one of our paid to click sites,you need to have your payment processor first before joining them.Signing up with these programs needs you to have vaild payment processors you are up to.

Philippines are now having an easy withdrawals by Unionbank Eon Cyber Account Debit Card Visa link to their payment processors and some of their major credit cards.But we all know that  to have a credit card in the philippines needs a credit check first before to have one.

You can apply for a normal debit card by your local bank with mastercard and visa logo.

Consults and Results Innovative Management points out these major payment processors that are clean, risk free gateway to you:


            Paypal is the most trusted and outstanding payment gateway of all.Its because frauds are

 in low cases and  secured with their website.You  must have a valid email address to open a paypal account.You can choose personal starter if you are in a personal uses, or business if you are using it for business. Personal is free but needs a valid credit card or debit card to get verified.Actually you can do it later the verification once you are ready to withdraw your money if you reach a minimum pay out of 10$.

One of our client in Portugal opens a business acount for paypal business and he was required by the paypal to deposit a undisclosed money to their accredited portuguese bank in lisbon to get verified,and the money will be get back to his paypal account for 2 to 3 days.

To get started opening  a Paypal account click the banner below and sign up:

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


                    Second from all payment processors, is the alertpay.In just couple of minutes you can actually creat e your alertpay account.Still you must have a valid email address and to get verified you can verified it by your card or by sms thru you mobile carriers.Meaning to say you must have a mobile number because alertpay will send you the verification code right away to your mobile phones.

To get started with alertpay? click the banner below: