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Who we are


 We are the boomers of the internet world nowadays.We are committed to find the best for you.

Consults and Results Innovative Management focuses on the internet opportunity and services that will surely help the people in choosing the best, the legit, and the wise program in earning money online.

Somehow, even the housewives,those students, and the other internet savvies are longing for the most reliable internet sourcing and consulting guidelines for them.We are here to meet those demand.

We have the best team and  experts to support everything.Innovations is our goal.

The Risk Management 

               Risk management are the wisest and the genius of all the stuff that are running here.Spams?sending us worms?trippers?and all malicious  creations are strictly prohibited.We do not support scams and other programs that are illegal.

The Sales Management

              Sales team are the income mitochondria of Consults and Results Innovative Management.We have provide tools and receiving accounts processor with the most innovative marketing strategy.

Customer Support via email etc


               Customer Support System integrates support queries and other social networks sites.

               We will launch innovative customer support system soon. 


  Consults and Results Innovative Management or CRIM was established on November 22 2009 as a blog site through CRIM are composed of expert bloggers, I.T. specialists, Internal management and staffs to be able to meet its goals and expectations. We are now counting to own a domain in a few months time.

CRIM has engaged in some registered companies through online as an affiliate by carefully examining and proper verifications before counting them as a legit partners of the company. 

CRIM is also envisioned to be counted as number 1 as an online earning affiliate site in the years to come. We care for you and we care for your money and time, yet our experts will bring you the most intensive and knowledgeable informations regarding and about how to earn money by online programs, tips and investigations by support just for you.



Mission Statement:

  • Extraordinary service to all Customers

  • Satisfy Customer’s Desires and Needs.

  • Excellence in providing good customer service and knowledge to users

Vision Statement:

  • To achieve sustainable growth, we have established a vision with clear goals.

  • To be the best means providing outstanding quality, service, and value to Money, so that we make every customer smile."